History of 14e Gaming


The 14e gaming is a « association loi 1901 » (French law) which carefully prepares his return on Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord… Beyond that, it’s a romantic story of friendship, of anger, of work, of deception, of triumph which share hundreds of members through more than 9 years today… If this story reach us today, thanks to the unwavering confidence that we share since the first day to a distant end. Verdieb, Knight, Flopz, Suchet, Enriik, Spacekiller, and around us, many people whp believe in us, believe in the 14e, and for many, still believe today. This is our journey whose the final point is far from being placed on the parchment…


1.The origins, a shy start. (October 14, 2011 - Spring 2012)

At the end of summer 2011, players from Mount & Blade : Warband ( TalesWorld Entertainment, 2009), tired of their too restricted personal experiences, decided to join forces and pool their talents and knowledge to found a new regiment in a embryonic French community. The first members come from all sides, and if we already find pillars of the current organization ( Verdieb , Suchet, Knight ...), other heroes of the past evolve by our side ( Gonthran , Dalakh , Leo) and will participate in giving this first breath to our group, even if they will disappear more or less quickly. The regimental system was then common to all structures evolving on the mmrussia mod , so it was normal that we follow it by creating our own identity with the « 14e Régiment d’infanterie de ligne ». The 14e of its debut is built like an elite line, limiting its squad to 45 players maximum, focus on devastating melee skills, which will be feared by many opponents. No one remembers this anonymous battlefield where the regiment won in quick succession not two but three regiments to visit Hades. Our pace was therefore well established but our lack of ambition coupled with a severely restricted game in terms of population never made it possible to take this turn which will have to wait for many more months. 

During the spring, following a difference of opinion with a member of the staff , we undergo a split which will be fatal to us because of our constrained workforce. The regiment will therefore close its doors.

Despite a relative failure, it is however necessary to note the important elements which emerge from this first draft : the 14e has built a small reputation, even if it is not based on any concrete competitive results, thanks to its French Conquest , an event already essential, but also by its effectiveness on the battlefield and its communication, already provided by Flopz . In addition, we conclude that the links forged between Verdieb , Suchet, Flopz and Knight are extremely strong, which alone share enough elements to ensure any future success, which will not be long in coming. 


2.The race for victory. (May 2012 - summer 2014)

Our brave companions, disappointed with their failure but far from having finished with the game, then transferred to a friendly and English-speaking regiment, the « 84e Régiment d’infanterie de ligne ». They lead a peaceful life as simple members, but their peace will be short-lived because barely two months later, the amateur aspect of mmRussia, a simple mod, disappears with its evolution as the official DLC of the original game. : Napoleonic Wars, ( Flying Squirrel Entertainment, 2012). The decision is unanimous, it is time to take back muskets and bayonets !  

Dissolving the regiment 2 months earlier turned out to be beneficial in the end, since with our most loyal members, we are preparing many reforms, completely changing our view of things. Gone are the days of a small line of 45 players maximum. No more restrictions. We want it all, and we want it to win. We also choose to ally ourselves with the 84e Regiment, a friendship which will result in the « 1er Corps d’armée » which will meet a brilliant destiny.

The reformation is an immediate success, which shows the strength of the 14e. Indeed, if it was not rare to see regiments reforming, none managed to obtain its strength of yesteryear. The 14e, not content to reach this stage very quickly, will conscientiously overtake it throughout a long era which then begins, that of our rise to power ... and our domination.

If Suchet quickly withdraws from the upper echelons to leave only Verdieb , Knight and Flopz , the 3 companions will be able to rely over time on non-commissioned officers all more competent than the others : Enriik, Darkmirror, Vaetris, Badsheep, Hamlenain, Rigolax, SpaceKiller, James,  Neyvis ... But also on corporals who have always carried our values ​​with pride. Two men stand out from the crowd, joining our 4 founding pillars to this day, Enriik and SpaceKiller , bringing to 6 brave the unwavering circle of trust which is our greatest strength. 

The 14e Regiment traveled across and across hundreds of battlefields of all types, and gained experience and reputation ... After long months of fierce competition until the end of 2012, the 14e emerged as the best French-speaking regiment on Napoleonic Wars, setting aside valiant opponents definitively. Thus, until the end of its Napoleonic period, the regiment will no longer suffer any defeat against a French-speaking structure.

In parallel, the group also engages in a different competition, the 10 against 10, see the 5 against 5, where will be revealed for the first time its true strength, since the regiment manages to compete with the best European compositions and quite frequently. to win. This famous victory against the 91st Tavington in the semi-final still marks in all our minds : the French outsider who brings the international giant to his knees, before losing in the final after a close fight against our best allies, the 84e regiment. 

If the 14e suffered several splits as in the early days, the impact was less, because our solid friendship in command made it impossible to defect a vital element in the 14e. Junior members leave the ship, and very often will regret it later. As Francophone leaders, we assume our role by offering everyone to join us, to train alongside us, to have fun, to compete, and to win. It is probable that between 1,500 and 1,700 members evolved over the entire Napoleonic period in our structure, a pledge of our solidity and our strength.

This incredible pool allows us to unearth talents, skill brutes, that we train before committing to our side in the heart of the competition, the Napoleonic Wars League, the first large-scale tournament offering to crown the best each season. European and American regiment. We participate from the second season, and through the junior league we obtain our qualification for the first league, the best, for the third season, by finishing first in this adventure. This slow progression is spread over all of 2013, before our explosion in 2014.

2014 started off rather badly, since our two-year ally, the 84e Regiment, with whom we have won so many battles, has been going through a difficult period for many months which will end in our brutal separation. If it is difficult to take from a human point of view, this new failure allows us to focus on the level of our only line, facing our biggest challenge : the first league of the Napoleonic Wars League, in the spring of 2014 We engage with panache in the competition, multiplying training and stratagems. Suchet, who has been back with us for a few months, will then be of great help. All our energy is devoted to the ultimate consecration. If we crush most of the regiments, the international leaders give us incredible difficulties : the Nr. 24 and the 17e. However, we narrowly win the competition and hang the status of best Napoleonic Wars regiment in early summer 2014 on our banners. So much work and energy given by all our members to get there. We can never thank them enough.   

However, after having won everything, a new challenge awaits us : how to maintain our status, and above all, our motivation ?  


3.Shadows and resurrection. (end of 2014 - March 2019)

The start of the 2014 school year is difficult : we have lost our motivation, even as the 4th season of the NWL is coming to an end, where all of us consider us a favorite to take the title once again. With much less enthusiasm, we relaunched the machine, always carrying out training sessions, which were essential for our success. While we triumph over most of our opponents without any problem, the results are closer against formations that we previously dominated, and a new underdog is in contention, the 92nd Gordon Highlanders of MacDonald . The latter finally snatched the trophy from us, but we are still very satisfied with our beautiful 2nd place, considering our motivation weakened. Faced with the obvious observation of a weariness of a game frozen since 2012 or even 2009 if we consider Warband as the source and not Napoleonic Wars , we decide to turn the Napoleonic page, to rest on our laurels until the release from Bannerlord. The 14e Regiment closed its doors on December 2, 2014, 209 years exactly after the Battle of Austerlitz, and more than 3 years after its start.  

But the adventure does not end there. Restructuring internally, the « 14e Régiment d’infanterie de ligne » becomes the 14e Multigaming, offering its members to enjoy various and varied games, without any pressure... But all in their heads are thinking of the return to Mount & Blade II : Bannerlord. The former General Staff , the 6 friends, are thinking particularly of the future, their eyes sparkling with ideas and initiatives ... 

After more than 5 years of hiatus, and meticulous preparation, the 14e is about to make its sensational comeback, under the name of 14e Gaming. Five years, that is a long time! We have all grown up, most of us are no longer teenagers or even students. This return is the challenge of our playing career. Are we still able to maintain a structure like 14e Gaming? Are we still sharp enough to perform in an ultra competitive game? Are we still the leaders we once were? Can we still unite a vast community for the best of fun and drama ? But we are already no longer in history, and it's up to you to help us write the present ! Fight with us, and together we will get to the bottom of it .   


Your devoted KnightZz